Factors To Consider In A Shot Glass

by Stevens

If you’re up for buying a penis shot glass, recommended website is Alibaba. And if you want to buy in bulk, you should go for Alibaba again because it offers products at wholesale prices in good quality. However, before buying a penis shot glass, it is important to take care of a certain factors that help identify the best waffle maker for yourself. This article talks about such factors in details:

How To Buy The Best Penis Shot Glass From Alibaba?

Here are some factors to look for before securing a purchase:

Size and color

Remember that the size and color of a penis shot glass are ideal. You should go for a color variant that’s not so common. Suggested options include red, brown, blue, etc. Also, please ask the seller about the internal and external volume of the glass so you know how much drink you can fill in it.

Straw Compatibility

Since penis has a small channel for liquid output, you should ask the seller if the product you’re about to buy has a channel large enough to put a straw in it. That way you can see if it is compatible with the straws or not.

Material Used To Make The Glass

There are several types of materials used nowadays to make shot glasses. You can go for pure glass one but that’s too vulnerable to accidental breakage and that can also break easily during the transportation. The better alternative is the mix of plastic with glass that increases strength and durability of the overall glass. The opacity may hinder a bit but is worth it since you cannot afford to break glasses so easily. So go for one with a bit mix of plastic or other materials that aid durability.

Minimum Order Quantity

If you are buying for yourself for personal use, then MOQ should be considered. There are several sellers that offer MOQ of 200, which is better for wholesalers and retailers. However, you can go for suppliers who also offer MOQ of 1 or 10. That’s the ideal amount of pieces you can purchase for yourself.

Trade Assurance Deal

This is very important so your supplier ships the products on time and doesn’t overcharge you later on. There are several rules imposed in the trade assurance order, which are meant to offer a better buying experience of the buyers and to eliminate scam and frauds from the sellers’ ends. So always go for a seller who can give you a trade assurance deal.


Remember that global shipping is available on Alibaba through different shipment companies. The delivery charges are different so ask the seller for the cheapest delivery option before proceeding. Remember that Alibaba also offers global shipping to certain areas, so if you’re in such a area, go for the cheapest delivery method offered by Alibaba. That will help you save money.


So, by now, you must have seen some factors you should look for when buying a penis shot glass from Alibaba. So what is next? The next thing to do is to go online and buy a penis shot glass and start enjoying a totally different user experience.

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