What Makes a Good Beer Pong Table?

by Stevens

Beer pong is a fun drinking game that can be played by anyone. The game requires you to use a table, paddles and balls. The object of the game is to throw your ball into the cups on the other side of the table. If you miss, then you lose a point.

The beer pong tables are available in different shapes and sizes and it is important for you to choose one that suits your needs. Here are some of the things that make a good beer pong table:

Characteristics of a Good Beer Pong Table


The number one thing to look for in a beer pong table is durability. You want a heavy-duty table that will last through all of your parties without breaking or falling apart. This means durable materials such as steel or aluminium frames, and high-quality plywood tops.

Cup Holder

The cup holder is the most important part of any beer pong table. The reason why is because without one, you won’t be able to hold your cups while you’re playing. This can get in the way of your shot and cause you to miss your target altogether! So, ensure that whatever table you buy has a cup holder built right into it!

Construction Material

You’ll want to consider what kind of material is used to construct the table before purchasing one. This will affect how durable it is over time and whether or not it can withstand being moved around often without breaking down on you! Plastic tables are usually more affordable than wooden ones, however they aren’t as sturdy. Wooden tables are sturdier than plastic ones but tend to cost more money up front due to their higher quality materials used.

Easy Assembly

A good beer pong table should come with easy assembly instructions so you can put it together yourself quickly and easily before your first party starts! You don’t want to spend hours trying to figure out how to put it together or end up breaking pieces trying to force them into place!

Sturdy legs

You’ll be using this table for hours on end, so it needs to be sturdy enough to hold up under constant use. Look for legs that are wide enough and reinforced with metal brackets or screws so they won’t bend under pressure from heavy players or moving around them constantly during gameplay. The legs should be made from wood or metal and should have rubber feet on the bottom so they don’t scratch your floors.


You also want to make sure that your beer pong table is big enough for everyone who wants to play at one time. If it’s too small, people will be crowded around it and it will be difficult for them to see what’s going on. If it’s too big, then players won’t be able to get close enough to the table without bumping into each other or knocking into things around them (like chairs).


Overall, the best beer pong table is the one that meets your needs and gives you what you want. A good pong table should feel sturdy, and be able to handle a lot of fun playing. If the balls bounce well on it, then that’s just a bonus – but if they bounce too much or too little, you’ll probably have a hard time still hitting your target. After all, if your table is terrible but your aim is phenomenal, you’ll end up looking like a pro anyway. Just do what feels right to you!

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