A Brief Guide to Pressure Washer Pump

by Stevens

A pressure washer pump is a useful tool for cleaning purposes which is commonly used nowadays. The surfaces and objects that are not cleaned by simple soaps are easily cleaned by this great tool. It provides quick and easy cleaning.

What are the main parts of Pressure Washer Pumps?

It seems very simple by just reading the name of the pressure washer pump. But it is a bit complex tool to understand its parts and working mechanism.

The main parts that play a vital role in the working of the pressure washer pump are briefly discussed as follows.

Water Inlet:

It usually consists of a plastic tube or a pipe, that conveys water to a pressure washer from the main supply, which could be simple tap water.

Electric Motor:

The pressure washer pumps are obviously run by some electric motors via electricity or engines that run on gas. The electricity may come from the domestic electricity supply. Gasoline engines are used for large-scale cleaning in big pressure washer pumps.

Water Pump:

If we say that the water pump is the heart of the pressure washer pumps, then it would not be wrong. Because it plays the main function of the tool. The electric motor drives the water pump. Then this pump sucks the water from the main water supply and then throws it from a very narrow opening to release the water. Water is released from the outlet in the form of a jet and provides quick and sharp cleaning.

Working of Pressure Washer Pump:

The electric motor is turned on to drive the water pump. Then pump sucks the water from one hose and detergent from another hose. They eventually get mixed inside the pressure washer pump’s body a very high pressure is created. In some pressure washer pumps, water is also heated to a temp of 50 to 70℃ to provide easy cleaning. The water is ejected from the outlet in the form of a jet, in very high speed. The high pressure and high speed of the ejected water is the main reason for its effective cleaning.

The distinction between a power washer pump and a pressure washer pump:

A pressure washer pump uses normal water at room temperature. Whereas, a power washer pump has a mechanism in its body to heat the releasing water, which is at high pressure. This heated water with high pressure and speed, then cleanse the dirty surfaces and stains very effectively. Normally, pressure washer pumps are used on a residential scale, i.e., in homes. Whereas, power washer pumps are commercially used mostly.


As we know that, a pressure washer pump can easily clean old and hard stains. But they also have some limitations. Some of those are discussed below.

  • A large amount of water is used by pressure washer pumps. Therefore, a drainage system should be there, for disposing off that used water.
  • Generally, they make a lot of noise. Their use for long periods can cause a serious problem for your ears.
  • As we know, they use electricity for driving the pump, other than gas pumps. So, a risk is always there, of using water and electricity together near each other.

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