What Are The Most Common Problems With Pressure Washer Pumps

by Stevens

A pressure washer is a wonderful appliance that provides you with an easy and convenient way to wash anything from your driveway or patio to your cars and driveways. It has become so common today that most people could hardly imagine owning one without using it during their lives. Unfortunately, many problems may occur when using a pressure washer. It, however, still remains what you need for your best cleaning results.

Problems with electric pressure washer pumps are often a result of bad installation or maintenance. Most pressure washer pumps come with a one-year warranty, and support is sometimes available within the same time frame.

The Problems That Pressure Washers Owners Experience

A pressure washer or power washer can be a great tool, but many important components ensure it runs properly and performs its intended purpose. Here’s what you need to know about the most common problems with pressure washers.

  • One of the most common problems pressure washer pumps have is dirt build-up on the spray tip. This can lead to inconsistent spray patterns and loss of power. This cleaning factor is where an automatic sprayer comes in handy, as it keeps pressure on the pump head to ensure a constant flow of pressure.
  • Another common problem with a pump is clogging, and overuse or dirty water can cause this. The practical way to avoid this problem is to change the auger with spare ones regularly.
  • . The most common problem is a loose hand plunger on the pump. The pump hasn’t been working since the beginning, but it was never removed and maybe some fuses blew, causing damage due to heat.
  • The pump didn’t start. A bad electrical connection may have developed over time.
  • The O-ring has broken, which means there is a missing o-ring, or your nozzles have leaks.
  • Your motor has failed, many reasons can cause this fault. They need to remind you that it’s normal to rotate slowly when your pump runs hard.
  • You put in too much bleach and cleaning solution, which you cannot add more because you’re holding it up in the nozzles if your Pump Isn’t working.

You should apply safety tips to make sure your pressure washer is in good condition for a long time. They include:

Safety Tips

Disconnecting the power of the spray gun before washing the item to prevent a possible electrical shock, washing at least the first three sections of hose and fittings, disposing of all old gaskets, hoses, and fittings under local codes.

Don’t let your pressure washer run dry! Learn the signs of a clogged pump, what you should do if it happens, and how to keep your rig in top shape with these simple tips.

Most pressure washer problems occur because of neglect. Minor events continue to eat away at your machine and lead to unpleasant results. Know your pressure washer, be prepared, and keep the machine clean. With proper maintenance, your pressure washer can help you achieve professional results. All the pressure washers from giraffe tools are tested and approved to be fit for all your cleaning solutions; buy yours today and enjoy the difference

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